F1 Drivers’ Miami Race Style, Ranked from Best to Worst

Formula 1 is back in Miami, baby. The 2023 Miami Grand Prix kicked off today in the bustling Vice City, promising a weekend of speed leading up to the big race on Sunday.

In the recent years, Formula 1 has landed under fashion’s microscope. Each season, the tracks invite the fashionable flock to tune into moments like drivers’ off-track style and luxury trophies by names like Louis Vuitton and Tiffany.

To be clear, the drivers aren’t exactly famous for their style as they are racing stats (unless their name is Lewis Hamilton, then you’re famous for both). Simply, we’ve noticed that a few F1ers have taken an increased interest in luxury labels lately, just enough to make a little noise. Meanwhile, drivers like Hamilton have cemented themselves as full-fledge style stars.

It looks like Miami GP will be no exception. The sun’s shining. The stars are out. And the drivers have arrived and already getting off ‘fits — well, some of them.

Tune into this space as we’ll be tracking the drivers’ ‘fits and ranking them from best to worst throughout Miami GP weekend. Happy F1! Go sports!

Lewis Hamilton

What can I say? The king of F1 ‘fits reigns supreme, even while flexing shimmering Louis Vuitton denim in 80-degree weather.

Prior to the LV display, he hit up some press conferences in a silky Tommy Hilfiger set and Louis Vuitton skate sneakers. No notes needed.

Zhou Guanyu

Zhou Guanyu, the first Chinese driver to compete in Formula One, touched down in the Floridian city in some silky Dior monogram coordinates. The verdict? I give it the okay hand emoji (which is good).

Guanyu may not have scored any wins on the track just yet, but his off-track ‘fits — which include KidSuper pieces, Rick Owens shoes, and plenty more Dior — undoubtedly hold a few W’s.

Is it rivaling Hamilton’s style? Nah, but it’s a nice try, though.

Pierre Gasly

Pierre Gasly comes a close third with his tonal looks, including a Dior number worn ahead of Friday’s practice session.

It’s clean, straightforward, and worn with confidence — a recipe for a successful, understated ‘fit.

Nyck de Vries

Nyck de Vries is a rookie in Formula 1, and his ‘fit shows it.

A cozy off-white knit top, orange trousers, and some casual lifestyle shoes? It’s simple but makes just enough of a statement — a perfect balance for a driver who recently made his F1 debut.

Kevin Magnussen

It’s Kevin Magnussen in a bad Palm Angels tee. I feel like that’s enough said.

It’s kind of a funny moment considering the Haas driver is twinning with his Haas teammate Nico Hulkenberg — and the two had beef in the past. It’s nothing like tacky tees to bond the now-bros.

Nico Hulkenberg

Nico Hulkenberg brought out the red flags during the Miami GP’s first practice session — and surprisingly, it wasn’t with his Palm Angels ‘fits (which are pretty bad, by the way).

It takes a special stylish presence to — as they say — “put it on,” but Hulkenberg literally does that and misses the mark entirely with swagless logos and prints that don’t even suitably coordinate with the rest of his ensemble.

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