We’re Only Wearing Retro Sunglasses This Season

Whether it feels like it or not, sun is on its way. While we travel through the rocky transitional period it can feel like summer might not actually happen this year, but it always does. And when it does, there’s a mad rush to cop all your summer essentials as if it’s a surprise that summer actually arrived. We say no this year. We will not wait until we’re actually being blinded by the sun until we consider buying a pair of sunglasses. To be more specific, retro sunglasses.

In line with the shifting tastes over recent seasons towards retro sneakers and garments from bygone eras ranging from the ‘70s right up to Y2K (does Y2K count as retro yet?), we’re firmly fixed on wearing only retro sunglasses this year. We’re talking big square frames, cat-eye frames, wire frames, the whole lot as long as they’re retro.

With the help of Matches, we’ve rounded up 8 pairs of retro sunglasses to wear this summer.

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Cartier represents the gold standard in anything that it does. From watches to sunglasses, few names are so synonymous with timeless beauty.

Jacques Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage should be on every sunglasses shopping list this year. The label’s retro frames are perfect for all styles.

Thierry Lasry

Thierry Lasry’s Klassy frames exude ’70s flair. The straight brow combines with a beautiful brown patina for a slick finish.


Despite what you may have heard, size matters. Size matters especially when we’re talking about retro sunglasses. Loewe knows it.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s Anton sunglasses can go either way. If you style them well, you’re looking like an untouchable ’70s made man. Style them badly and you’re looking like a middle-aged IT specialist in 1995. It’s a line we’re willing to walk for the payoff.


Celine keeps things retro and dialed down with a simple, lightweight metal frame. Much like the styles worn by pilots in the ’60s, these square frames are brimming with quiet confidence.


Of course Gucci had to occupy a spot on our top retro sunglasses list. The Italian label is a master in the category and frames like this pair are proof.


Berlin’s Kuboraum is a surprise entry in this list. Known for futuristic avant-garde goodness, the brand looks to classic aviator styles for inspiration for the P8.

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