Christina Applegate Revealed Why She ‘Had’ To Challenge Candace Owens Over Her Complaints About Underwear Models With Disabilities

When Christina Applegate attended the SAG Awards earlier this year, she suggested that this could be her “last awards show as an actor probably,” but hopefully, she will also be nominated for an Emmy after the third season of Dead To Me. To that end, the actress spoke with Vanity Fair about the end of her excellent Netflix series and also reflected upon how not-wonderful it was when Hollywood tried to typecast her as a over-sexualized, ditzy-blonde type.

Applegate also necessarily discussed her battle against MS (which she has told where to shove it), and the progressive nature of the disease causes her to fear setting foot on set again. As she describes, that fear extends to everyday tasks that we all take for granted, including showering. As well, the Married… With Children star opened up about why she had to challenge right-wing troll Candace Owens, who went off on a rant about Kim Kardashian’s Skims clothing line for the “inclusivity thing.” This was related to Owens’ irritation that the company dared to have a disabled model star in an underwear shoot, and here’s why Applegate couldn’t let this behavior slide:

“I had to say it because it’s crap. I know how hard I tried to get my bra on today and I was stuck. And thank God Skims, the beautiful company that has adaptive clothing for people, sent me the one that you can just put on like a vest and it has things in the front for you to clip. With the underwear, you can just pull it up one leg and clip it on the other. We sometimes sit on the toilet for an hour because we can’t get our pants on. It was sad that that person–whose name I don’t speak–took so much space in my f*cking energy field.”

At the time, Candace didn’t accept Applegate’s challenge to get educated, and one surely cannot expect her to step up and do so now because that would involve admitting being in the wrong. Applegate, however, made her point and remains a beloved figure, and one can rest assured that, no matter what she does next, people will be listening and watching.

(Via Vanity Fair)