The Biggest Star Of The 2023 Met Gala Is Of Course The Cockroach That Crashed The Red Carpet

The annual Met Gala always brings out the stars, some of them dressed to the nines, some of them dressed to turn heads. This year was no different. What was the wildest outfit? Was it Lil Nas X looking like a mix of the Tin Man and Mystique from X-Men? Was it Jared Leto and Doja Cat both dressed as felines? Was it David Byrne arriving on his bicycle? Who’s to say, although they were all arguably upstaged by something that wasn’t even human.

As people on social media shared images of their favorite looks, video emerged of a cockroach tooling around the red (or white with blue and red lines) carpet. It’s not an unusual sight in New York City, a town swarming in all manner of bugs and vermin. It could have been worse! It could have been one of the 2 million brown Norway rats that live among the eight million humans.

The cockroach caught the attention of multiple photographers, and different videos with different glimpses of the invading critter popped up on social media.

And you know what? People loved the Met Gala cockroach.

Were the bright and beautiful really upstaged by something no New Yorker enjoys seeing inside their apartments? It sure seems that way.