John Oliver Was Astounded By One Particularly Bizarre Revelation From Matthew McConaughey’s Five-Hour ‘Art Of Livin’ Seminar

John Oliver took a brief diversion from his usual political fare to react to Matthew McConaughey entering the world of motivational speaking. Last week, the actor hosted a five-hour virtual seminar titled “The Art of Livin’” (no g’s on the end of verbs allowed) and, as advertised, the event was very “intimate” alright.

During the seminar, McConaughey described one of his dreams, and Oliver was not prepared for the places that he went as he played a clip for the Last Week Tonight audience.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

In the clip, McConaughey shares a personal story: “In 1999, I’d just had a dream that I was floating down a river naked, wrapped up in anaconda sharks, piranhas and crocodiles. And lined along the ridge of the river, there were thousands of African tribesmen each holding a shield and a spear. And it wasn’t a nightmare. Actually, it was a wet dream.”

“Wow!” Oliver said. “What a twist at the end there.” Except Matthew McConaughey wasn’t finished and proceeded to make things even weirder and kinda racist.

“I know my dream might have contained some pretty dicey racial imagery there,” McConaughey said. “But would it help to know that at the end of it, I ejaculated.”

Oliver genuinely had no idea what to do with this information: “I’m not sure what lesson you’re supposed to learn from it other than if you try to do drugs with Matthew McConaughey, you will die,” he quipped.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)