Fashion Still Hasn’t Caught Up to Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is so unfashionable that his personal style has actually circled around to being ahead of the curve. As seen on the red carpet premiere of his forthcoming TV show, Bupkis, Davidson demonstrated what I’ve talked about time and time again: this dude can’t dress so hard that he actually dresses better than any of us.

I’ve written so extensively about Davidson’s accidental luxury flexes, almost circumstantial streetwear moments, and the surprising deep cuts he’s pulled off seemingly without trying.

It’s funny: Pete Davidson clearly seems to care very little about fashion and yet, dude is always wearing something unexpectedly interesting.

Case in point, the enormous Diesel coat (from its upcycled denim line, no less) and brown UGG boots that Davidson wore at the April 27 Bupkis premiere.

To put it simply: it’s so bad that it’s actually awesome.

This is Davidson’s umpteenth time wearing basic hoodies and hater-blockers on the red carper, but the really notable bits are the two pieces I just mentioned, clothes that look so garishly awful together Davidson is somehow able to weaponize them into a charmingly out-of-step statement through the sheer power of his charisma.

If this sounds effusively try-hard, well, yes. But also consider that the same night that Davidson wore his giant denim coat, Rihanna was seen wearing her own floor-length denim get-up.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, you can’t compare Rihanna and Pete Davidson in terms of style (or, really, anything else)… or can you?

Funnily enough, Rihanna and Davidson may actually have some stylistic cues in common. They both dress nearly irrespective of trends, daring the public to disagree with their devil-may-care vintage as they mix unexpected luxury into deceivingly mismatched outfits.

The primary difference, of course, is that Rihanna clearly cares about clothes and Pete Davidson, well, it it appears to be mostly a miracle that he got out of bed on time.

But I appreciate that DGAF attitude. That’s what truly stylish people embody, whether they make that clear or not.

In attempting to stay on top of the new hotness, fashion-forward people will never be able to compete with Davidson’s derelict disinterest. And that’s what makes his approach style actually pretty amazing.

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