Tom Ford Calls It Quits, Kenzo House for Sale, Hayley’s 95s, Genderless Beauty

Fashion’s Elder Statesman Is Calling It Quits (Unless…)

“Tom Ford is over, RIP to a real one. Tom Ford the dude is still around, of course, it’s just that he’s suddenly departing his eponymous brand.”

What Quiet Luxury Means for Beauty – and Why It’s a Scam

“In case you missed it, ostentatiousness is so last year. By now, we all know what quiet luxury is — in short, it’s a mode of dressing that signals wealth, but only to those in-the-know enough to recognize its inconspicuous signifiers: say, the stitching on a Maison Margiela shirt or the white soles of Loro Piana shoes.”

Reject Modernity, Embrace Elderly

“Before quiet luxury was flattened into blandness, before normcore was diluted to mean “basic clothing,” there were elderly people and their aspirational approach to getting dressed.”

How Genderless Beauty Became the New Clean Beauty

“Another day, another new beauty brand. With incubators bringing brands to market at lightning speed and investors on the hunt for the next viral phenomenon, beauty is overrun with newness. Navigating an oversaturated landscape, companies will stop at nothing to break through the noise.”

Hailey Bieber Is an Air Max 95 Gyal

“It’s a pretty well-known fact that you can tell a lot about someone from their sneakers, so if Hailey Bieber wearing a pair of Nike Air Max 95 tells us anything it’s that she owns a lot of sneakers. Compelling.”

Kenzo’s Parisian Dream Home Is up for Sale

“Oh no, you’ve done it again! You’ve lost half a day scrolling through real estate platforms, watching countless architecture vids on Youtube, and conjuring up visions of your dream home. It’s okay; we’ve all been there – and via Christie’s, The Kenzo House is taking us straight back.”

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