SK Air? CDG? Either Way, Air Max 97s Get Fred Again’s Co-Sign

The term “burst onto the scene” is often used lightly. A descriptor of overnight success, it’s far too easy to throw around; not for Fred Again, though. While his work has had high visibility since as early as 2014, it was his 2022 Boiler Room that had his name reaching incredible international heights.

With this global recognition came a blossoming relationship with Skrillex and Four Tet, a relationship that’s reached its first peak with a monumental closing set at Coachella’s second weekend. In a moment that will go down in electronic music history, Fred Again left his mark on the stage not only through slick mixing but his carefree style.

For many, Coachella is as big as it gets on the festival scene – I’d argue Glastonbury, but that’s another story – and as such, headliners often go all out on their ‘fits for the occasion.

During prep, considerations are made for every aspect of the performance, with the most important being the set design, lights, and the look – costume, if you will.

Headline superstars are quick to pull out a designer look, but Fred Again? A pair of trackies, a short sleeve tee, and a pair of Air Max 97s will do.

As a British act headed towards his 30th birthday, there are no lingering doubts that Fred Again understands the significance of the Air Max 97 to UK sneaker culture. You’ll find plenty at any rave or festival on the island, making his decision to slip into a pair a fitting choice.

Thanks to the tricky lighting of the live stream and pictures that came from it, it’s hard to tell whether the pair is CDG’s SS23 collaborative release or Skepta’s 2017 SK Air release.

It doesn’t matter which pair it is – each of the two pairs are top-tier additions to the Air Max 97 family and suiting kicks for one of the world’s biggest stages.

At the very least, they blow the socks off of the Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers that Skrillex pulled out for the show.

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