Your Next Foodgasm Comes Courtesy of Carne Bollente

Brand: Frizbee Ceramics x Carne Bollente

Release Date: Available Now

Buy: Highsnobiety Shop

Editor’s Note: Depending on your work environment, it’s safe to say that Carne Bollente’s garments are not for the faint of heart. From its bold Tom of Finland collaborations to knitwear pieces that give folks a hard-on, the Parisian brand has been consistently churning out sex-positive pieces.

But for its latest drop, the Parisian brand is turning up the heat on home goods.

Akin to its raunchy seasonal drops, the collection is geared towards setting the stage for your best orgasm, only this time the focus is food.

Made in collaboration with Brussels-based Frizbee Ceramics, the limited collection features an assortment of porcelain goods, each hand-casted and glazed by local artisans.

The drop features several cups with oversized smiley faces, plates with large floral imagery, graphic t-shirts, and even a printed apron to keep yourself tidy.

The highlight of course is the Orgasm Twist saucer that combines Frizbee’s vibrant motifs with Carne’s ideology and is sure to add some humor to your mealtime.

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