Why Have One Sole When You Can Have Two?

When it comes to ranking classic sneakers, the Chuck 70 pretty much tops the lot.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t owned a pair in their time and you still find them worn by everyone from skaters to parents on the school run. However, very rarely will you see anyone rocking a pair without its iconic striped midsole.

And even rarer? Any sneaker, Chuck 70 or not, that has two sole units squished on top of each other.

The Converse Chuck 70 LTD has joined the likes of ALYX’s removable Vibram-soled derby and Feng Cheng Wang’s Converse collab in being one of the few sneakers that double up on sole units.

On the bottom of the shoe, you will find the beginnings of a classic Converse sole unit sitting on top of a lug sole that would be a much more natural fit on a pair of brogues or old-school walking boots.

Sneaker brands experimenting with traditional footwear models seems to be a pretty popular trick lately, with PEACEMINUSONE’s leather brogues complete with a Nike Swoosh selling out in a “panda colorway” last week and adidas adding its three stripes to a pair of Gucci loafers — as seen here on A$AP Rocky’s feet.

This new lug sole sees Converse also mess around with traditional footwear tropes. And while I’m not suggesting you wear them to a wedding, it makes this model slightly more smart-casual than your average Chuck 70.

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