A New Capsule Will Showcase Super Rare Images Muhammad Ali

Siegelman Stable is bringing rare images of Muhammad Ali at his famed Deer Lake camp to the forefront this season with a concise six-piece capsule that will be unveiled later this week.

The sports-inspired label worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner has teamed up with Muhammad Ali Enterprises to visit Deer Lake in mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania where Ali, arguably the greatest boxer to ever live, trained during his career.

Inspired by the iconic location, Siegelman Stable learned that alongside a boxing gym and multiple cabins Deer Lake also housed stables where the late boxer would spend downtime with his horses. It’s these lesser-documented times the label is focusing on for this capsule.

Together with Ali’s estate, Siegelman Stable will showcase rare images of the boxer at Deer Lake across various garments and accessories, all of which will be revealed and available to purchase exclusively via the brand’s website on April 28.

Siegelman Stable — which was founded by Max Siegelman, the son of renowned trainer Robbie Siegelman — is no stranger to collaborations having linked with the likes of NBA’s San Antonio Spurs and Johnnie Walker Blue Label in recent times, with its in-house collections a mainstay throughout.

This Ali collaboration, though, is different. It’s not only a link-up of two like-minded parties to celebrate the life and career of a legend, but a rare and unqiue insight into the life of Ali outside of the ring.

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