Emily Ratajkowski “Didn’t Expect” Her Viral Harry Styles Kiss to Go, Well, Viral

It turns out we everyday folks weren’t the only ones surprised by Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles’ intense PDA session. The supermodel herself was, too — for different reasons, of course.

In a recent interview, Ratajkowski revealed that she “didn’t expect” the viral video to go, well, viral. The model also said that she found it weird that the world is fixed on her dating life.

“It is very bizarre to have certain experiences, and then everyone knows about them and comments about them,” Ratajkowski stated, per a translation.

“I’m just a person who has gone from a three-year relationship to a four-year relationship, so this is the first time in a long time that I’m at a stage of dating. It is very strange the interest there is in that particular area.”

If you recall, Olivia Wilde and Styles dated for two years while working together on Don’t Worry, Darling, whose press run was a wild ride of spit takes and girl drama. The couple ended things in November 2022.

Ratajkowski and Styles sent the internet into a complete frenzy in March when a video surfaced of the two playing tongue war in the streets of Tokyo.

Given Ratajkowski’s friendship with Wilde and Wilde and Styles’ fresh breakup, rumors began to swirl that the two women were now feuding.

When asked about the alleged beef between her and gal pal Wilde due to the kissing vid, Ratajkowski stated, “I feel bad for Olivia, because she had to suffer this situation several occasions.”

While Ratajkowski didn’t reveal whether the two were still friends, she did confirm that the “confrontation” between her and Wilde isn’t a thing.

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