Suga’s New Heavy-Hitting ‘Haegeum’ Music Video As Agust D Finds Him At War With Himself

BTS’ Suga dropped his new solo album, D-Day, under his Agust D project today. In celebration, he also shared a music video for the previously-unheard song “Haegeum.” In it, Suga finds himself face-to-face with two different sides to himself: as a cop and the other a criminal.

“This song’s simply about freeing what’s forbidden / But you must remember to differentiate freedom from self-indulgence / This song’s a haegeum, get on board now / The lively rhythm, perhaps this could be a new kind of haegeum,” he sings, according to Auralcrave.

However, the word and the title itself take on an immensely deeper meaning for the singer, as he associates it with freedom and venturing into the unknown.

“The word ‘Haegeum’ came to me when I was young,” Suga explained in a recent video interview. “I played rhythm games, I loved rhythm action games. When beating a certain stage, you’d unlock a forbidden song, then you could play a new rhythm. It was a ‘freedom from the forbidden.’ Why don’t I try and break free from those things?”

Some have suspected that this theme also applies to Suga venturing out on his own, as BTS is currently on hiatus and the other members who aren’t in mandatory military service are exploring individual musical endeavors.

Check out Agust D’s new music video for “Haegeum” above.