EXCLUSIVE: Tobe Nwigwe’s Moncler ‘Fit Was a MoMINT at Coachella

Tobe Nwigwe took the internet by storm in 2020 with his viral “I Need You To (Breonna Taylor).” But even before then, the artist garnered a sizable following with his music and breathtaking visuals (Michelle Obama was an early fan).

In addition to his unique sound, his music career stands out as a family affair, as he frequently collaborates with his wife, Fat Nwigwe, and includes their children in their videos.

In the his rise, Tobe and Italian luxury brand Moncler have become quite close. In addition to Tobe and Fat attending the label’s buzz-worthy events like the Moncler Genius and Moncler 70 presentations, Tobe and Moncler combined minds to create a couple of ‘fits for the musician.

Most recently, Tobe worked with the brand for his Grammys 2023 ‘fit — a mint green quilted jacket and pants set — which he designed and Moncler brought to life.

ICYMI: Mint green is synonymous with Tobe’s aesthetic, with his set designs and his performance team often outfitted in the pastel color (he even has his own brand called Mint by Chukwu).

Taking the stage for Coachella’s second weekend, Tobe naturally tapped in again with Moncler for his set look, which — as you probably guessed or saw — is yet another tasteful mint green ensemble. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Tobe’s latest Moncler fit consisted of a longline nylon puffer jacket with cutouts paired with matching trousers and a mesh top, all rendered in the familiar subdued green.

On the back of Tobe’s jacket, the two reimagined Moncler’s traditional logo to include Tobe’s full name under the Moncler emblem — a tasteful sign-off on the collaborative effort.

Fat, who also took the stage with her husband, also wore a Moncler look with a Fat Nwigwe-imagined Moncler logo emblazoning the back of her flowly gown — which featured cutout pads details on the bottom to complement Tobe’s ensemble.

Amid the world’s worst fashion show, Tobe’s ‘fit is undoubtedly a breath of fresh (mint) air — and it’s safe to say he would say “same.”

When it came to the ‘fit verdict, the “Try Jesus” artist said, “[The Moncler outfit] means all other outfits will come in ‘2nd place.’ It means Coachella will never be the same.” ‘Nough said.

Regarding the intent behind Tobe’s Moncler look — of which he again designed and served as inspiration — he had four words for us: “MonuMINTal summer winter wear.”

While the look undoubtedly plays on his recurring green theme, he also took the opportunity with the latest look to explore “breathable layers in the desert,” as he puts it. And honestly, I’m not mad at it (signed a person who wishes they could stay in their hoodies through the sweltering summer).

In combining Moncler’s renowned craftmanship and Tobe’s understated design vision for a couple of solid ‘fits, the duo appear to be a perfect match, and Tobe agrees.

The “Fye Fye” creator tells us that he sees his work with Moncler as a “seamless and synergic collaboration,” with hopes of continuing this beautiful, minty green friendship.

“The pieces we’ve created are immaculate. We’re creating personal history each time we collaborate,” Tobe states.

“I think of things that are specifically tight to me and bring them to fruition. With Moncler, I just paint the picture as clear as I can in regards to what I want to create… and the team is incredible.”

Perhaps down the road, we could see the two take things beyond customs with a general release collabo — a “moMINT” that Tobe and Moncler fans would probably love to witness.

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