A MAGA Lawmaker Had A Pretty Solid Freudian Slip By Saying He’s Proud To Endorse ‘Donald J. Chump’

Donald Trump is, against all odds, still crushing it in the GOP polls, handily out-matching the protégé who is (was?) his chief 2024 rival. But every now and then someone in his party blurts what perhaps deep down they really think of him. Earlier this month, an attorney accidentally called him “President Fraud.” Now someone has come up with an even funnier name — and not corrected himself.

As per Mediaite, Florida representative Greg Steube went on Newsmax to sing the praises of the 45th president while smearing the 46th. It didn’t start so hot.

“I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about this on your show, and I’m happy and honored to endorse Donald J. Chump for president in 2024,” Steube said, either not seeming to catch his gaffe or plowing right through, hoping no one noticed.

Steube went on to some basic, uninspired talking points about “these disastrous policies of the Biden administration” and claiming Trump is “widely supported in my district, widely supported in Florida.”

Trump may be leading in the Republican primary polls, but he’s not doing so hot otherwise. He’s got that indictment thing, he’s got those other criminal probe things, he was up late last night dropping an all-caps rant about his former favorite 24-hour news network — just not a great CV for anyone running for the biggest gig in the country or indeed the planet. But at least he’s not fighting with a company whose mascot is a mouse.

(Via Mediaite)