Jeremy Renner Isn’t Getting Rid Of The Snowplow That Nearly Killed Him Even Though His Mom ‘Wants To Light It On Fire’

Despite almost being crushed to death by his 14,000 pound snow plow on New Year’s Day, Jeremy Renner is not getting rid of the machine that left him walking with a cane for the premiere of his new Disney+ series, Rennervations.

During a Q&A with Jimmy Kimmel, Renner revealed that his family is, understandably, not a fan of the machine. In fact, his mom has some very specific plans for how to dispose of it, but the Hawkeye actor harbors no ill will towards the plow.


“We got so much snow up there,” Renner said. “My mom wants to … light it on fire — and it would be a whole party, lighting it on fire — but no, that thing’s amazing. I love this thing.”

He added, “It is a necessity, and it’s how you get to the house when you’ve got these giant snowstorms. I just gotta learn to drive it better.”

Renner’s response jibes with his more candid interview with Diane Sawyer where the actor emotionally recalled the harrowing ordeal and took full responsibility for the accident. While repeatedly tearing up at the pain he put his family through, Renner blames himself for not properly setting the brake before stepping out on the treads to look for his nephew. When the machine started lurching towards the boy, Renner tried to physically stop it from moving, but ended up crushed beneath the treads where he laid for nearly an hour until being airlifted to a nearby hospital.

Fortunately, Renner has been making a spectacular recovery thanks to plenty of encouragement from friends, family, and of course, some Avengers.

Rennervations is available for streaming on Disney+.