Hop Into Byredo’s Time Machine

Byredo’s new eyeshadow palette is a monument to memory. “Remembrance” translates the passage of time into color, resulting in a work of cosmetic art that’s part makeup, part keepsake.

“Byredo is a brand that has a certain philosophy around memory and emotions,” says creative image and makeup partner Lucia Pica. “This is something that I do personally, as well… I always talk about colors conveying emotions — you put a red eyeliner on and you look mysterious, or like you’re going through something. It’s a way of making connection, showing yourself a little bit more.”

Pica’s last Byredo release, a makeup collection full of warm, rich tones, drew from the intensity and excitement of falling in love. Her new project is just as poignant. “It’s very much about looking at the way that colors blend and intertwine into one another, like a memory,” she explains.

There’s a romantic softness to the shades: think rosy pinks, coral-tinged terracottas, and shiny browns, dusky tones that lend themselves to the fluidity of time. To convey the vividness of certain memories — the moments that really stick with you — the palette also includes a series of gleaming metallics that hit the eye like a gust of cold wind.

For Pica, Remembrance evokes her childhood summers, spent in Italy. “That memory always has this kind of haze and aura around it,” she reflects. “It brings me back to seeing the light in the south of Italy, the moisture in the air.”

Of course, everyone will interpret the palette differently. That’s the beauty of color — our perceptions of it vary. “[Remembrance] can be a happy memory. It can be about the past, it can be about the future,” Pica says. “It’s really about that internal world… how we connect to things that are personal to us.”

Byredo’s Remembrance is available at the brand’s website for $105.

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