A$AP Rocky’s Dad Drip Goes Hard

I’ve been a dad for the best part of one month now and, naturally, my personal style has taken a bit of a hit.

What once used to be a well-considered and thought-out daily process has quickly turned into the same outfit on rotation (regardless of milk stains) and using any other free time I have to actually get around to brushing my teeth. Luxury.

It’s been all change around these parts so far this year, but for the good, of course.

Now, with the dust finally beginning to settle on my new life, it’s time I start trying to perfect the art of dressing as a dad, but not necessarily like a dad. There’s a difference.

Where one might cop a pair of past-the-knee shorts, a fanny pack, and some bad sneakers upon becoming a father, I’m taking an alternative approach, one demonstrated by A$AP Rocky during his still-brief foray into fatherhood.

Since welcoming his first baby with Rihanna in May 2022, A$AP’s style has seemingly shown no let up, albeit tweaked slightly.

That being said, just because he’s a world-famous rapper and record producer, it doesn’t mean he probably didn’t have a good stint in sick-covered joggers too.

In short, A$AP has become a style icon of mine and, as he approaches one-year as a full-fledged dad (with a second child dropping later this year), his recent look on a night out with Rihanna epitomizes why.

The 33-year-old was spotted alongside his pregnant partner in Santa Monica, California, was seen sporting a deep navy trench coat, which sat atop a sleek shirt and tie combo and some big sunnies for good measure. Typically too, the look was rounded out with a slip-on pair of Gucci loafers and some classic denim jeans.

Now, I’m not saying I’d be swanning around wearing the exact same get-up as this anytime soon (or even the Gucci two-piece he was spotted in last week), I’m just pleased that there’s a cool dad look to be striving for.

I admit that fatherhood is still fairly new to me and my personal style is way down my list of priorities right now, but when the time eventually comes A$AP will always be my muse.

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