Fans Are Casting Their Votes For Who Should Play Wario And Waluigi In ‘Super Mario Bros. 2’

Now that the Super Mario Bros Cinematic Universe is a success, it’s time to stop focusing on Jack Black as Bowser and start focusing on the real star: Wario. While Mario gets all of the love and the posters and an entire theme park, Wario is better for a few reasons. One, he wears pink overalls, which shows he’s more fashionable than his counterpart Mario. He also has a weird little mustache that looks like a bunch of Ws were copied and pasted all over his face, and that makes him more interesting right off the bat. He also has a bike, so you know he values the great outdoors.

So now that we’ve established he’s the much cooler and more evil alternative to Mario, it’s time to decide who will voice him in the next Super Mario Bros. Movie installment, should he choose to appear. He’s a very in-demand character, after all. But who has the confidence to wear his vomit-green shoes?

Fans are already going to town with their dream casting choices, and while a majority of fans (and Jack Black himself) have suggested Pedro Pascal, there are other actors that would be just as fun. The people have decided that Danny DeVito, Patton Oswalt, and even Tim Robinson should be thrown into the mix, alongside some fan casts of Waluigi:

While most people have been picking their favorite actors, other dedicated Mario fans believe that Charles Martinet, the original voice of Mario, should return for Wario (and Waluigi, for that matter). He is the original, after all.

On the other hand…..maybe we should let them play themselves. It’s the right thing to do!!! They are real characters with real feelings!

Whatever happens, whoever ends up playing him needs to at least grow an intricate mustache in order to really get into character. Even if it’s just a voice role.