EXCLUSIVE: Jimin Is Tiffany

BTS’ power is unlimited. Everything its members touch turns to gold, at least in the eyes of its boundless fanbase, or Army as they call themselves.

Stalwart jeweler Tiffany & Co. is no stranger to gold, of course, but when it comes to Jimin modeling its This Is Tiffany campaign, perhaps diamonds are a better metaphor for BTS’ Midas touch.

Jimin, born Park Ji-min, is one of the most decorated BTS members with dual ambassadorships. Not only is Jimin one of Tiffany’s bright young faces but he’s also an ambassador for Kim Jones’ Dior Homme, another company owned by the LVMH luxury conglomerate.

In fact, LVMH really loves BTS (who doesn’t?!).

Members of the K-pop juggernaut have signed on to LVMH-owned houses en masse — V at CELINE, J-Hope at Louis Vuitton, Jimin, obviously — though there are exceptions, like RM at Bottega Veneta and, of course Jungkook’s explosive debut at Calvin Klein.

But right now, this is very much Jimin’s moment and we’re celebrating by debuting two exclusive photos of the BTS singer behind-the-scenes at his Tiffany campaign shoot.

Note that this isn’t Jimin’s first time wearing Tiffany, by any means: the 27 year old has worn the house’s luxury jewelry out and about several times since accepting the ambassadorship.

Jimin isn’t the only Tiffany ambassador putting their best, beautiful face forward for the “This Is Tiffany” campaign, naturally: He’s joined by Zoë Kravitz and Gal Gadot, who each take center stage in their own lavish looks, laden with Tiffany T and Tiffany HardWear jewelry.

The advertising imagery is demonstrative of the current state of Tiffany, wherein global megastars like Beyoncé and Hailey Bieber epitomize the luxury label’s distinct sense of understated opulence through classy campaigns that riff on classic imagery.

Jimin, one of Tiffany’s few male-identifying ambassadors, similarly represents Tiffany’s bold step into the here and now.

This is Tiffany. Jimin is Tiffany.

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