‘Tis the End of Doja Cat’s Pop Era

Doja Cat is ready to move on from the pop scene and get back into her rap bag. Doja answered fan questions regarding her next album, ultimately revealing that the forthcoming project will be “rap only.”

Despite the success of Planet Her, the musician clarified she was done with pop music as it no longer “excites” her, and thus she’s done making it.

Her decision to do a rap album comes as a response to the critics who claimed her verses are “mid and corny,” per a tweet by the musician. And she agrees but claims she wasn’t trying to “prove anything” — until now.

“I’m getting tired of hearing y’all say that I can’t, so I will.” I know that’s right, Doja.

During an interview in February, Doja stated that her new album would include “much more rap” and hopes of exploring some punk sounds.

“For this next era, I’m going in a more masculine direction,” Doja said regarding the next chapter of her sound evolution.

Let’s also set the record straight: Doja Cat is a rapper. Since her viral “MOOO!” song, she’s labeled herself as that particular type of musician. However, the industry continues to box her into the pop and R&B categories due to her catchy, melodic style. Though pop rap is very much a thing but whatever.

Over the years, we’ve seen the hip-hop/rap scene evolve to include many fresh sounds like mumble rap, melodic rap, drill, emo rap, and even country rap. Doja, who is again a rapper, is undoubtedly a part of that shift, so what’s the big deal with including her in the scene? The world may never know.

Nonetheless, we’re getting new Doja Cat this year, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a moment worthy of rejoicing, especially after the musician publicly announced she’d be quitting music last year.

According to the couture week queen, the album — which is confirmed to release sometime this year — will include ten songs and five additional tracks. With her teasing these details, perhaps we’re in for a summer drop (I hope so).

In response to a fan who encouraged her to “talk her shit” in her forthcoming verses, Doja says, “I do that on the album.”

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