Why Is Jonah Hill Wearing a Wig & What’s Meaningful Existence?

If you’re wondering why Jonah Hill is wearing a bad wig and wearing matching ‘fits with former Real Housewives star Lisa Rinna, you’ve come to the right place. Because same.

Hill and Rinna attended the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns’ game on April 7, sitting courtside and snapping selfies in coordinating sweats emblazoned with “Meaningful Existence.”

For those who guessed Meaningful Existence is a brand, you get a gold star. Indeed, Meaningful Existence is a new clothing line by Hill — well, more like “founded, run, and ruled” by Prophet Ezekiel Profit (a.k.a Jonah Hill in a curly wig and cool shades), per the brand’s website.

I wonder if this correlates to the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel acknowledged in the Book of Ezekiel in the Hebrew Bible.

Anywho, Meaningful Existence is described as a “lifestyle and wellness community” with the goal “to spread joy throughout the universe by monetizing happiness.” In short, Meaningful Existence believes money does buy happiness.

And how does the brand “monetize happiness,” you ask? By way of merch, of course. The brand offers up some Rebirth tees for $40, which are available for pre-order on Meaningful Existence’s website as we speak.

The ring-spun cotton tees, which arrive in six colors, feature a Meaningful Existence graphic on the front while the “Complete Unrelenting Control” message covers the backside.

Three mystery products are also listed on the site as “coming soon” (the sweatsuits, maybe?).

In addition to promoting the gear with the housewife-turned-model Rinna, Hill pulled up to the basketball game with a neon flock of Profit followers, all outfitted in Meaningful Existence’s gear, of course.

“Meaningful Existence is everything, everything except a cult,” the website states. “PURCHASE our products and see for yourself.”

“To quote our leader, Prophet Ezekiel Profit: ‘Meaningful Existence is definitely not a cult.'”

If you haven’t picked up on it, Hill’s brand mocks the wellness scene, which has taken a cult-y and exploitative turn at the hands of a few brands (cough, SoulCycle, cough, Peoplehood).

There was also controversy regarding profiting off mental health awareness for monetary gains. One situation that comes to mind is that of Demetrius Harmon, the social media personality behind the famous — or infamous, depending on how you look at it — You Matter hoodies.

Though Harmon himself is open about his own mental health struggles, the influencer caught heat over claims of profiting off awareness with his viral $60 hoodies followed by a poor-taste announcement of a 40% discount code to fans who’ve self-harmed.

There was also the Sporty & Rich founder Emily Oberg, who has been accused of fat-shaming, racism, and insensitive posts about food insecurities (there was a since-deleted Instagram page dedicated to the Oberg’s problematic ways called @notsportyrich).

So, yeah. The some of the wellness scene hasn’t been as…well as it seems, which is sad because it’s an essential aspect of our lives and overall wellbeing. I promise that was the last “well.”

Hill has also been pretty transparent when it comes to his lifestyle, including maintaining his mental health. He recently stepped away from Instagram and kind of the spotlight overall, stating in an open letter, “You won’t see me out there promoting [You People], or any of my upcoming films, while I take this important step to protect myself.”

Though, he couldn’t escape the pap cameras which still caught his stylish ‘fits, like his iconic UGG moment, during outings.

And now, Hill’s clothing brand is here. Though we hoped for something like his beloved effortless style, Meaningful Existence is undoubtedly an unexpected, satirical treat for fans.

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