Martine Rose x Stüssy? Say Less

A Martine Rose and Stüssy linkup, you say? Just take my coins.

Martine Rose and Stüssy took to Instagram on April 9 to announce their collaboration. In the teaser, we noticed some collaborative leather biker gloves riffed with Stüssy’s Double S logo and Martine Rose branding.

Besides the gloves — which we hope is a part of a wider collaborative collection — the duo doesn’t give away many details about their team-up, save one hint: “Expect perfection.”

I certainly didn’t peg a Martine Rose x Stüssy collab on my 2023 bingo card, but I can’t lie: I’m more than ready for the “perfection” they created together.

I suspect we’re in for some collaborative tees, potentially some denim coordinates, and maybe (just maybe) some button-up shirts and jerseys. Regardless, whatever Martine Rose and Stüssy have cooked up will be released this Friday, April 14.

Martine Rose continues to amaze and excite with its subversive takes on menswear classics. Equally as good as its in-house offerings — as beloved by Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar — are its collaborations, like those with Nike (recall: the Shox Mule and weirdly chunk Monarchs).

Last year, we had the pleasure of witnessing Martine Rose and Tommy Hilfiger combine their minds for a collaborative collection, which was as wild as we expected but impressive nonetheless.

The Cali streetwear brand Stüssy is also no stranger to proper collabs, either (more than you can count on your two hands). So far into 2023, the home of the 8-ball fleece joined forces with Tekla, Levi’s, Timberland, Converse, and Nike.

Indeed, Stüssy knows how to pick its collaborators. And its winning hand ain’t letting up, with the brand now set to team up with Martine Rose, whose designer referred to herself as “probably the best designer in the world” (and she’s not lying).

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