Custom Dunkin’ Dunks? Somebody Check on Ben Affleck

Leading up to the Air movie (now in theaters, by the way), Dunkin’ Donuts commissioned customizers Ant Kai (@ant.kai) and Chiou (@andu.c) to create bespoke Nike Dunks and Jordans for the film’s promotioal events and Dunkin’s Joy Foundation Northeast Gala.

And thus, the “What the Dunkin” and “Air Dunkin” customs were born. I assume Ben Affleck, our Dunkin’ king and closeted sneakerhead, used to pray for times like this.

First up, we have Ant Kai’s What the Dunkin, a mismatched pair of Nike Dunk Lows painted in shades of pink, brown, and beige, nodding to Dunkin’s frosted donuts and brewed beverages.

A sprinkle design decorates the toe box, while a melting pink Swoosh drips down the upper — all reiterating the details borrowed from Dunkin’s menu.

A similar vibe follows with Chiou’s Air Jordan 1 “Air Dunkin” with a dripping pink Swoosh and sprinkles moments. However, Chiou’s Air Dunkin features a contrasting brown suede Swoosh on the other side.

If you look closer, you’ll also notice the swirls designs on the upper, which gives off the impression of a fresh cup of coffee after stirring in some creamer. And to top it all off, we see the famed winged Jumpman logo reimagined with “Air Dunkin” for Chiou’s pairs.

Between the impeccable details and tasteful palettes, Ant Kai and Chiou nailed these customs (as they always do, whether for Dunkin’ or just because).

Though these are not — I repeat NOT — an official Nike collaboration, I’d say Nike has some things to consider after these custom shoes…like an official linkup with Chiou and Anti Kai involved.

We saw how crazy folks went over the Ben & Jerry’s Dunks. Imagine the hyped hysteria for some Dunkin’ Dunks by the customizers. It’s safe to say Ben would be first in line.

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