Thanks to AI, Pope Francis Is Ponti-Flexing

I’m not afraid to admit that last week I was taken for a fool by a viral AI image of Pope Francis wearing a giant white Moncler puffer.

While in hindsight I should’ve realised from the off that this was a fake (not least because the Pontifex maximus is famously a no-label kinda guy), but because AI is having a bit of a moment right now.

The term “AI Pope” has been trending globally on Twitter for a few days now and, alongside a slew of Balenciaga AI meme videos that have also been circling the net, it’s becoming increasingly hard to believe what is and isn’t reality anymore.

But that’s all a part of the fun nowadays, isn’t it?

That being said, the initial AI Pope image of him donning a Moncler (I saw someone comment “Monclergy” which made me laugh), there have since been a myriad of new and hilarious AI Pope Francis images that now must be shared.

AI Pope Francis is undoubtedly my favorite viral AI trend so far. From shooting hoops, breakdancing, or simply using an Apple Macbook, to straddling a motorbike in full-on red leathers, there’s seemingly no limit to what a virtual Pontifex can do.

So, in typical Highsnobiety style, I’ve selected some of my favorite AI Pope Francis drips that have been doing the internet rounds, so you too can begin to try and differentiate real life from the hilariousness and ridiculousness of AI.

Vatican City Flex Pope

Drip God Pope

Oktoberfest Pope

Keeping Up With The Pope

Motorhead Pope

Haute Couture Pope

Personal Jesus

Street Fighter Pope

Ponti-flex to the Maximus

Holy Beats

New Album Dropping Soon Pope

Inked Pope

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