Get a Load of Balenciaga’s $8k Technoclogs

Balenciaga’s new and fantastically-named Technoclog is giving off serious boujee Aladdin vibes.

The wild slip-on numbers — which landed on the house’s website earlier this week — takes the Mule Boyz code to another level with a mix of rhinestones and rubber which will set you back around $8k.

The clogs are landing as a part of the revived house’s recently-released Summer 2023 collection, an offering Demna Gvasalia showcased with a mud-filled Paris show in October of last year.

However, if you don’t have a spare/disposable $8k fear not (!!!), as Balenciaga is dropping a varying range of Technoclogs all of which differ in price. Phew!

For those looking to take a step down from rhinestone and rubber the house is offering up a beige wood-printed rubber iteration that’ll cost you around $1,100. Alternatively there’s a more subtle matte black take that is retailing nearer the $900 mark. Or, for the more outlandish Technoclog enthusiast, you can have all three for near-on $10k.

Of course, high-prices and wild designs aren’t anything new in the world of luxury — for Balenciaga especially.

Following its return to the runway in Paris last month, the house released its eye-catching neck noodle is what was peak Balenciaga, before dropping a muleified take of its chunky XL sneaker soon after.

This came shortly after confirmation that a Balenciaga x Supreme collaboration — which had been rumored for months — had officially been canceled.

This news comes months after the French luxury house’s controversial ad scandal which resulted in its brief fashion hiatus before its return to the limelight last month.

While Balenciaga’s runway reunion was ultimately a fairly subdued affair, its frankly wild Technoclogs are a sign that the brand is certainly getting back into the swing of things.

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