Rubber or Leather — Bottega’s Intrecciato Is Perpetually Plush

With Bottega Veneta basically still abstaining from social media, it’s up to us fans to parse the best new bits from BV’s seasonal drops. We usually focus on the shoes here, as leather shirts and special handbags are cool and all, but its the footwear that really gets people going.

As such, no time like the present to talk about Bottega Veneta’s new embossed mules, which wear a handsome intrecciato pattern that’s so subtle that you’d only ever notice irl if you looked reaaalllllllyyyy closely. That’s stealth-wealth!

It’s a clever melding of worlds, as Bottega Veneta has historically created its signature intrecciato pattern out of woven leather.

Bottega has expanded intrecciato’s utility in recent years, creating new bags and even textured pants with that inimitable woven shape.

Now, these rubber clogs aren’t quite as luxe as their leather counterparts — though they’ll still cost you a cool $600 — but the embossing neatly replaces the need to delicately weave fibers together to create the intrecciato shape. Cool! And as functional as a normal pair of rubber mules.

Hardly the most indulgent Bottega shoe on the market — of course, Bottega Veneta has plenty of footwear sporting intrecciato leather for summer, from sandals to slippers — but one worth highlighting lest it slip under the radar.

Bottega Veneta’s footwear game in general is quite interesting. In between the typically subdued statement pieces, there are unassuming bits like the new Vulcan sneaker — essentially an ultra-luxe Converse Jack Purcell — and high-top take on the house’s Pillow sneaker.

I’d argue that Bottega Veneta’s current ethos is best observed by taking in the house’s fashion shows or by simply perusing the complete collection on its site, as you can’t really get a sense for BV’s excellently exquisite attitude without actually observing the entire selection.

The faux-intrecciato mule is cool, for instance, but makes even more sense next to Bottega Veneta’s leather polo and textured military shirt. This isn’t pastiche and it isn’t parody, it’s just utilitarian clothing filtered through the Bottega Veneta lens.

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