John Oliver Has A Good Reason For Barely Covering Trump’s Indictment On ‘Last Week Tonight’

The main topic of Sunday’s post-Succession episode of Last Week Tonight was solitary confinement. But it easily could have been the former president of the United States getting indicted, the first steps toward a possible arrest. Or that picture of the pope preparing to fight The Thing (which turned out to be fake).

But the Trump thing probably makes more sense. So why did host John Oliver not dedicate the entire episode to the indictment?

“Donald Trump became the first-ever former president to be indicted on criminal charges. Look, I would talk more about the Trump indictment if we even knew what the exact charges were right now, but we don’t,” he said.

Instead, he used his opening segment to address the protests in France — which he called “Europe’s high school bully” — over the recently raised retirement age. Citizens have taken to the streets by marching, striking, chanting and even setting fires to protest President Emmanuel Macron’s unpopular retirement reform, which raised France’s legal retirement age from 62 to 64. He pushed the bill through France’s parliament without a vote.

There will (unfortunately) be much more to say about Trump once the charges come in. Until then, here’s the segment on solitary confinement.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)