Jack Black’s Bowser ‘Fit Is Straight Flames (Literally)

Jack Black may be the king of bad tees, but his latest ‘fit deserves a little commotion — or a grumbling roar, in this case.

There was a Super Mario Bros. screening in LA on April 1, which naturally saw the film’s cast, like Seth Rogen, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Chris Pratt hit the red carpet. Black was also in attendance, embodying his character to the fullest through a pretty impressive ‘fit for the evening.

For the viewing, Black wore a black suit featuring embroidered flames on the sleeves and pants as a nod to Bowser’s fire abilities — all designed by stylist and costume designer Dayna Pink.

The suit jacket also had green buttons, which supplied some subtle vibrancy while referencing Bowser’s shell color. But that’s not even the best part about the piece.

On the back of Black’s jacket, you’ll notice spike details reminiscent of those on the character’s shell. It’s pretty insane detailing (and I say this as a compliment, by the way).

As for the rest of Black’s look, he opted for an iridescent reptilian-scale top worn underneath his jacket and finished off with some green PUMA Suede sneakers on foot (again, another play on Bowser’s hues).

Black wasn’t the only one channeling his character at the screening as Taylor-Joy wore a pink leather jumpsuit, gloves, and boots by Dior as a reference to her character Princess Peach.

Taylor-Joy’s look was cool and all (I kinda dig that she went with Peach’s underrated jumpsuit getup rather than her signature dress). But let’s be honest, Black’s ‘fit won the evening for the best style moment. Hands down.

When we first heard Black’s Bowser voice for the initial teaser (he pretty much washed Pratt’s lousy Mario impression), we knew the actor was born for this role. And his latest ‘fit was but another confirmation.

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