Don’t Sleep on Lil Yachty’s Hat Game

Lil Yachty made his Saturday Night Live debut on April 1, joined by Abbott Elementary‘s Quinta Brunson. The musician and his women-led band delivered a stellar performance of “the BLACK seminole.” and “drive ME crazy!” off his latest album Let’s Start Here.

The musician known for his criminally underrated style was naturally fitted-up for his appearance, donning Wu Wear pieces and shimmering hoodies. But what really caught my attention was Yachty’s massive fur trapper hat, which he paired with a striped shirt, jorts, and adidas sneakers.

Some called the gigantic headpiece “distracting” and a “ridiculous” getup. My thoughts? It’s pure swag. And folks don’t even use that term anymore, but in the case of Yachty’s ensembles, it’s worth bringing it back.

The thing is Yachty has worn the large trapper a couple times before, including fur-cladded night-out with BFF Drake at 21 Savage’s Freaknik-themed bash.

Seeing the furry wonder once more got me thinking about Yachty’s other bold (and wild) headwear moments, like the Marni Jug balaclava worn as a half-off floppy beanie or the hat with pigtail cutouts to show off his signature beaded braids.

Or what about the top hat at the 2017 Met Gala or the veggie hat during Summer 2016 when you couldn’t go anywhere with our hearing he and D.R.A.M.’s “Broccoli.” He’s also become quite a fan of the Paris-based brand Safety Bar and its ear-toting pieces.

Despite the more adventurous pieces, Yachty — being the street style star he is — still keeps timeless headwear in rotation like vintage baseball caps, fitted sports hats, and bucket hats (crochet ones included). I mean, what’s Lil Boat without a solid fisherman’s hat?

Yachty’s hat game is merely an extension of his overall style, coming together as a refreshing treat that is not to be “underestimated,” as our news editor Jake Silbert once wrote.

Indeed, nap time’s over. Wake up and enjoy the stylishness of Lil Yachty.

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