With Salomon x Greater Goods, Parched Is a Thing of the Past

Few performance brands finding lifestyle crossover success can boast the innate understanding of both recreation and casual athletes’ needs like Salomon. That’s the bonus when your heritage reigns for the harsh terrains of the Alps, and it’s the very foundation that sees its heights pushed ever higher.

Utilizing its skillset and expertise in collaboration with Greater Goods, Salomon is kicking off the second quarter of the year with a piece of gear that looks to make dehydration, or even just feeling a little parched, a thing of the past.

A bold claim? Sure, but when you know you can deliver, a bit of confident arrogance can go a long way.

Although never boastful in their concept to delivery, we’ve collectively praised Salomon to such a point that its reputation proceeds it, leaving a feeling that every product that it has and will deliver will do the job to an extremely high standard.

That being said, its latest co-creation, what I’m inclined to call a “hyperhydration” jacket, still manages to blow the mind.

Seemingly the result of Salomon and Greater Goods knocking heads to come up with the most utilitarian product they could possibly think of, this jacket has all of the pockets you could ever dream of.

When you’re out hitting a stride, you know, casual half marathons and whatnot, the last thing you want to do is run out of water – no one’s keen on making a pitstop when you’re on track for hitting a new PB.

With this cracker of a piece of outerwear, you’ll be hitting back-to-back marathons and still have water to spare.

While I’m unsure how it’d fair getting through the airport, you can’t help but marvel at it, can you?

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