Presenting: The Best 2023 April Fools’ Day Moments

When you’re hit with moments like IRL Astro Boy boots or Lays potato chip (hand)bags daily, it’s hard to be phased by the jokes and gags of April Fools’ Day. Regardless, the day is here.

While the holiday isn’t hitting like years past (Lil Nas X, McDonald’s canning its spicy Sprite, etc.), a couple of brands joined in the annual antics nonetheless.

We took the liberty of rounding up our favorite 2023 April Fools’ Days moments, courtesy of names like Tiffany & Co., Nothing, and even the Guggenheim Museum. Happy holidays, enjoy!

Tiffany’s Diamond Sneaker

Behold! The Tiffany & Co. Facet, a diamond-encrusted sneaker serving as an ode to the house’s diamond legacy.

Though the house posted the shoe on April Fools’ Day, it’s hard to tell whether it’s a joke or not. After all, the brand just dropped $400 sneakers with Nike. Tiffany diamond shoes comprised of over $17,000 diamonds wouldn’t be a shocker.

My condolences to the fans who thought the French jeweler would unveil a new ad with Jimin or Rosé.

Sega’s The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog Game

Today, Sega dropped a new game: The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog, a murder mystery game created by the Sonicc Social team, in which the famed character is the victim.

Though the brand observes the holiday (they tweeted, “Happy April Fools’ Day!”), the game is very much real and free to play on Steam’s website.

Farfetch’s Acquisition of Style Not Com

Beka Gvishiani’s Style Not Com Instagram account posted a new blue memo today: “STYLENOT.COM URL ACQUIRED BY FARFETCH.” The next slide? Happy April Fools’ Day.

Nothing’s Beer

Fresh off the Ear (2), Nothing presents its Beer (5.1%), described as a “crisp, unfiltered rice lager” crafted with a “distinct and drier tase.”

But here’s the thing: it’s real. Despite Nothing announcing the Beer on April Fools’ Day, the brand confirmed, “No, really. We made a bear. Because making tech is thirsty work.” Well, bottoms up!

At.Kollektive’s Joke Platforms

At.Kollektive also joined in on the fun, releasing a new version of its Joke shoes, featuring a towering 15-inch platform sole.

To quote the brand, “chunky just got chunkier.”

The Guggenheim’s New Look

New York’s Guggenheim museum announced that it would be receiving a fresh red paint job on its exterior to honor Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed the institution and first proposed a red look for the outside.

The Guggenheim’s Instagram account said the process had already begun for its new look, but here’s one last update: they were totally kidding. The Guggenheim isn’t going red.

Saucony’s Name Change

To better help folks who’ve been mispronouncing their name for years, Saucony debuted its new name, “Sock-A-Knee,” which is the correct way to say Saucony (Not “suh-cone-knee”).

The brand shared a minute-long pronunciation video on the website, even allowing fans to download a “proper pronunciation” graduate certificate afterward.

“Did we get you? Thanks for laughing along with us this April Fools,” Saucony stated. “But please feel free to correct your friends on how Saucony is pronounced.”

The Devil Wears Prada Sequel That’s Not Happening

As the ultimate gut punch for OG Devil Wears Prada fans (it’s me), Diet Prada revealed a sequel was “in the works,” with Anne Hathaway set to reprise her role as the iconic Andy Sachs. But if you kept reading as I did, you were met with “APRIL FOOLS” in all caps at the end of the caption.

This one hit a little too close to home, Diet Prada.

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