This Hockey Fight Featured An Absolutely Pitiful Performance From Blue Jackets Forward Lane Pederson

Hockey is the only non-combat sport that allows players to fight each other (followed by a five-minute trip to the penalty box), and they typically have a rhythm to them. The combatants grab onto each other’s sweater and take turns throwing haymakers until someone goes down, but typically each player gets a few licks in before the end even in fairly one-sided affairs — like this duel between Alex DeBrincat and Joel Farabee in Thursday’s Senators-Flyers game.

We saw the exception to the rule on Wednesday night as well, when Blue Jackets forward Lane Pederson dropped the gloves with Bruins center Trent Frederic and proceeded to get rocked with one punch, never even getting a swing in himself.

It’s one thing to lose a fight, but this is just an awful effort from Pederson, as he somehow whiffs trying to grab Frederic, who blocks with his left hand and then throws an overhand right that sends Frederic to the ice. It’s not a knockout in that Pederson does pop up, but it’s enough to end the fight as the referees hop in once Pederson goes down. It’s quite the highlight for Frederic, who will surely enjoy this performance, while Pederson’s going to need to put some work in if he’s going to drop the gloves again in the future.