There’s No Party Like an Ed Hardy (SS23) Party

Y2K fever shows no signs of slowing down. Between Gen-Z’s lust of the era, high-end brands’ indulgence, and the resurgence of the likes of EVISU and True Religion, the candle’s burning bright. That being said, it’s no party without Ed Hardy.

You’d struggle to imagine Skepta wearing Ed Hardy in 2023. Known for his high-end style, blending styles to carve out his own style icon status and fake GUCCI love, his Y2K days are long behind him.

Back in 2009, though, with the launch of Microphone Champion, Skep said: “My bedroom’s like an Ed Hardy factory.”

The track “Ed Hardy Party” is certainly a product of its time but serves as a stark reminder of the cultural significance the brand held during its heyday during the early to late 2000s.

Splashing back onto the scene alongside Von Dutch and other leaders of the era, Ed Hardy has settled back into a comfortable position, boosted by Urban Outfitters, regaining the favor of an audience locked in nostalgia.

Ensuring SS23 continues the successes it’s enjoyed thanks to Y2K style dominating the industry in the past year or two, Ed Hardy stays true to what it knows, delivering a host of classic styles to satiate Gen-Z’s hunger.

This presents itself as a palette of tattoo-inspired graphic styles that dress pieces across categories, including embroidered cargo pants, front-and-back printed t-shirts, hoodies, and, of course, a staple selection of trucker and baseball caps.

Everything an Ed Hardy starter pack requires is accounted for within the selection – all of which can is online now.

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