Social Media Inevitably Had A Field Day After Trump Was Indicted By The Manhattan District Attorney

Donald Trump has a lot of criminal cases against him, and the one that got to him first wasn’t even the most consequential. On Thursday, some nine days after he predicted it would happen, the former president was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury over his alleged hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels. The news made him the first president in American history to be hit with criminal charges. Congrats? Sure enough, congratulations is exactly what some on social media facetiously said to him.

Trump has maintained his innocence throughout the case’s long life, as he does every time he’s accused of any wrongdoing he may have actually committed. His initial public response to the news was predictably fiery, playing the greatest hits about it being a “Witch-Hunt,” complete with the usual baseless claim that it was all the doing of progressive boogeyman George Soros.

For the non-MAGA among us, it was a time for jokes, as it always when the big guy really falls on his face.

Fox News handled the news well, as it broke during the latest segment of The Five.

Some people even predicted this would happen.

Thursday was a big day. Shortly after word of the indictment broke, Gwyneth Paltrow won her ski collision case. It was also the first day of the 2023 baseball season, and the idea that Trump could overshadow it did not sit well with some.

In the meantime, comedy writer Megan Amram — who spent much of the Trump presidency tweeting “Today was the day Donald trump finally became president” any time he did something unpresidential (i.e., often) — found arguably her best iteration of said tweet.

Then there was Yuset Salaam, one of the vindicated/released Central Park Five, whom Trump has demonized from the start, even refusing to walk back his take after science proved them innocent. He had a one-word response to the indictment: “Karma.”