Don’t Need a Motorcycle to Rev up Honda’s Converse (But It’d Help)

Converse has partnered with plenty of relatively unexpected brands but Honda? That’s a new one.

And yet, the Japanese car manufacturer is indeed dropping its own Converse Chuck Taylor in due time, as revealed during the Honda Motorcycle Show 2023 tour that’s currently ongoing in Japan.

First stop: Osaka, where Honda showed off nearly 40 different bikes and a plethora of merch, which apparently included these branded blue Converse sneakers that were lensed by Japanese motorcycle site WeBike in mid-March.

Honda’s Converse shoes aren’t the craziest Chuck Taylors ever made but they’re probably exactly what the Honda-buying public would want: basic canvas sneakers decorated with patched or printed Honda branding, depending on the model.

Simple shoes with no set release date thus far.

They’re reminiscent of the Converse that Neighborhood designed several years back, in so far as Neighborhood actually made Converse that’re comparably friendly for motorcycle riders — these canvas cotton Honda Converse are only gonna get shredded on a bike so better for city strolls.

Honda’s Converse follow a series of motorcycle-adjacent fashion moments, ranging from Palace and Gucci’s co-branded Moto Guzzi to the moto boots recently unveiled at Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2023 show.

Indeed, moto gear is really hitting its stride within the realm of fashion as of late, although automotive/sneaker crossovers aren’t unique to two-wheelers: behold the Nissan car shaped like a New Balance.

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