Keanu Reeves Explained Why He’s A Fan Of The Indie Band Alvvays: ‘I Like Their Energy’

It was unexpected when the one and only Keanu Reeves mentioned indie darlings Alvvays during a Reddit AMA last year as a band he’d been listening to recently. Fans of the “Belinda Says” band wanted to know more, and now we finally have answers.

During a talk with NME, the interviewer asked about his favorite albums. Reeves tried to think about the new LPs he recently acquired, and the interviewer brought up Alvvays. “Yeah, I don’t have their new record,” he said about last year’s seismic Blue Rev. “I bought it digitally, but I don’t have it on vinyl.”

“So it’s your favorite album-to-be,” the interviewer suggested.

“Yeah, can I say that?” Reeves replied. “Because I love that band.” When asked what he loves about them, he explained, “I like me a good pop song, and I like me a kind of inventiveness in it. And I think the lead singer [Molly Rankin], she’s great. And the textures of it. I mean, I love bass guitar and drums, and I like their energy.”

If you’re looking to possibly run into Reeves this summer, Alvvays will be on a highly anticipated co-headlining tour with Alex G, who also released a notable record last year, God Save The Animals.