Sun, Sea, and Stone Island Marina SS23

Pack your bags for sun and sea; Stone Island Marina has returned for SS23, and, as expected, the collection is a trip. Packed full of impactful pastels and old-school style, Marina’s back to form.

You don’t need to be a seaman to be familiar with Stone Island Marina. Sure, the subcollection pulls inspiration from Navy design sensibilities, reflected in its branding and the stripes that maintained a hefty presence throughout older collections; at its heart, however, it’s quintessentially Stone Island.

What does that mean? Well, it packs all of the same punches that you’d expect from seasonal essentials; bold dye treatments and neck-snapping fabrications, and yet, each piece is unique, thanks to the mariner lens they’re filtered through.

Stone Island Marina, like the waves of the seas that inspired it, has experienced popularity that ebbs and flows, which a vocal majority of fans taking preference to its vintage lines, which, as previously mentioned, were stripe-heavy, feeling somewhat like a sailor’s up-tuned uniform.

SS23 marks a strong return to form, however. While some of that classic Marina familiarity is lost, the collection is one of the most exciting drops of the year so far.

Without a doubt, this season’s most enticing offering is (unsurprisingly) outerwear. Serving as the line-up’s hero piece, the RIP STOP PRISMATICO jacket takes on the silhouette of a traditional coach jacket, elevated through the use of a light nylon ripstop bonded to a glossy, water and wind-resistant polyurethane film finely grooved with a prismatic effect.

Dialing things up a notch, the piece is then garment dyed, enhancing the characteristics of the materials, resulting in a finish that refracts light, absorbing the color with pastel tones.

Available in blue, green, purple, and orange, the jacket is easily one of the best Marina options in recent years – perhaps, even one of the best light-refracting jackets.

Amongst the collection, which is available online now, you’ll also find hoodies, sweats, tees, polos, shorts, and pants in the same color options as the outerwear.

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