Not Even Tom Morello Knows If Rage Against The Machine Will Ever Go On Tour Again

Last year, Rage Against The Machine’s lead singer, Zack De La Rocha suffered a foot injury that led to the cancellation of their European tour after he pushed through to finish their North American run. Now, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, the band’s guitarist, Tom Morello, reveals he doesn’t exactly know when they’ll retake the stage — if ever.

“We’ll see. If there is to be any more shows, we will announce it as a band. I don’t know. I know as much as you do, honestly. Right now, we’re in a time of healing,” Morello said.

“There is no term,” he added. “Rage Against The Machine is like the ring in Lord Of The Rings: It drives men mad. It drives journalists mad. It drives record industry people mad. They want it. They want the thing, and they’re driven mad. If there are Rage shows, if there are not Rage shows, you’ll hear from the band. I do not know. When there is news, it will come from a collective statement from the band. There is no news.”

However, he did make a point during the interview to note that if it was an indefinite hiatus as a band, they would say that. Morello also said that it was de la Rocha’s orders from his doctor that prompted the European tour not happening — as flying brought risks of blood clots.

“I hate cancelling shows,” De La Rocha previously wrote. “I hate disappointing our fans. You have all waited so patiently to see us and that is never lost on me…I hope to see you very soon.”

Given the band has only played a handful of shows during their many years as a group, only time will tell.