Meet Good Weird, the Evan Mock-Approved Brand For Beauty Explorers

When Jon Wormser was in high school, he would shower in the dark to avoid looking at his skin. Despite his desire to use cosmetics such as concealer, he avoided them — “I didn’t feel comfortable enough to purchase beauty products,” he says. Now, the marketing strategist and brand builder is using his experience as an awkward adolescent to fuel Good Weird, a beauty brand for the cosmetically curious.

Wormser, along with co-founder Stephen Yaseen, created Good Weird for people like them: Customers traditionally excluded from beauty conversations who are beginning to explore the category on their own terms. Available online, Good Weird launches today with three cosmetic-meets-skincare products: Back From Vacay, a cream bronzer formulated with glow-inducing oils; Balmy Weather, a tinted moisture stick suitable for use all over the face; and Cold Brew, a de-puffing under-eye serum.

Formulated with just a hint of color (you won’t find any neons or glitter here), the products are approachable for all beauty customers, inexperienced and experienced. “Everyone wants to feel good and confident about themselves,” Yaseen says. “Keeping that in mind, we wanted to introduce products that are simple to use and can be easily incorporated into any routine.”

Wormser continues: “We’ve built Good Weird around this idea of functional beauty. There are a lot of brands that are centered around transformative beauty routines, but we recognize that not everyone is looking for that type of product. We intentionally developed and formulated products that are not only simple to use, no tools needed, but have this functional approach where you’re getting both a cosmetic payoff and benefits from a skincare item.”

With a price point hovering around $20, Good Weird truly is accessible — which is one of the reasons that Evan Mock has joined the brand as creative director.

“Good Weird encourages you to embrace who you are and be unapologetically yourself, which is a mission that really resonated with me and the way I live on a day-to-day basis,” the model and skateboarder — who showed face at the launch of Highsnobiety Beauty, ICYMI — says.

So go ahead, slather yourself in Good Weird’s bronzer and moisturizer. They won’t cover up your skin or re-engineer your features — they simply enhance you.

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