Chlöe Has One Simple Wish On Her New Song, ‘Cheatback,’ Which She Just Debuted On ‘Kimmel’

Anticipation is high for Chlöe’s solo debut album, In Pieces. Just days before its arrival, Chlöe stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to debut a new song from the project.

On her latest song, “Cheatback,” Chlöe has no desire to exact revenge on an unfaithful man. In this case, she’d prefer to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Over a simple acoustic guitar, Chlöe reminds the cheater that she has plenty of people knocking on her door, and she isn’t afraid to play the games he has been playing with her.

“Find another boo from the hood with some tats / Give him what’s yours, show him I can throw it back / Maybe then, baby, you’ll know how to act / if I cheat back / Send him new pics in that outfit you like / Say I’m with my girls while he spendin’ the night / Maybe then, baby, you’ll know how to act / if I cheat back,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

Fans can hear the official version, which will feature Future, upon the release of In Pieces this week. In the meantime, check out the performance above.

In Pieces is out 3/31 via Parkwood/Columbia Records. Find more information here.