So, This Is What Balenciaga x Supreme Would’ve Looked Like

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There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding the Balenciaga x Supreme collaboration, the team-up which was, apparently, here one minute and gone the next.

As of March 28, the collaboration is reportedly longer happening, with rumors stating the release was scrapped altogether. Along with news of the allegedly cancelled linkup, came images of what is believed to be the since-cancelled Balenciaga x Supreme collaboration.

In the first looks, we spotted dual-branded accessories like mini leather shopping bags and baseball caps. Collaborative outerwear paired with dirtied Supreme Box Logo shirts and hoodies featuring Balenciaga’s logo reimagined in Supreme’s Future font.

In addition to plenty of other Sup BOGO pieces and a camouflage set, there were also a pair of bright red Supreme slippers joined by Balenciaga’s wild footwear.

As expected, there is no sign of the Balenciaga’s Box Logo shirt from their Spring/Summer 2023 collection (the French luxury brand confirmed the tee was not a collaborative effort by them and Supreme).

There have been divisive reactions to the seemingly first glimpses at the Balenciaga x Supreme collection. Based on comments, diehard Sup and Balenci heads naturally think it’s fire, already hunting for samples while posting their “RIPs” simultaneously.

Meanwhile, others seem to be glad it’s no longer releasing — some haven’t forgiven Balenciaga’s controversial ad, while others think the effort was just “trash.” Then, there are the folks who believe the collab would’ve dug an early grave for the Supreme era (too late, it’s been done).

Neither brand has confirmed the validity of these supposedly leaked campaign photos — let alone even teased their partnership in the first place. However, we’re awaiting word from Balenciaga about the above-mentioned images.

Until then, fans are more than welcome to take a gander at the collab that once was — and presumably no longer happening.

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