Alleged Bank-Robbing Chiefs Fan ChiefsAholic Is Apparently On The Run

Back in December, NFL Twitter was shocked by the news that Chiefs superfan ChiefsAholic, real name Xavier Babudar, had been arrested after allegedly robbing a bank in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Babudar, who attended Chiefs games all over wearing a wolf costume, was released from jail last month on $80,000 bond and was told to stay in a Tulsa hotel until his next court date and eventual trial. However, the saga took a wild turn this weekend when Babudar apparently cut off his ankle monitor outside an Academy Sports+Outdoors in south Tulsa on Saturday and has gone missing, missing a court date and leaving both his attorney and bail bondsman in the dark, via the New York Times.

Michael Lloyd, the bail bondsman who paid Babudar’s $80,000 bond to secure his release from jail last month, said the unit’s tamper alert went off around 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Lloyd went to Babudar’s hotel — though Babudar lives in the Kansas City, Mo., area, he was required to remain in Tulsa County, Okla., as a condition of his release — but his room was empty.

Babudar’s lawyer, Tracy Tiernan, is as confused as anyone. “I don’t know anything about it,” he said. “I reached out to him and have not had a response.”

It’s never a good sign when your lawyer issues that kind of statement on the record, and it also doesn’t help your case in trying to prove your innocence when you cut off your monitoring anklet in the woods, disappear, and miss a court date. BroBible interviewed Lloyd, who has been hunting Babudar since Saturday night, and he seemed more concerned than anything.

Any idea why Babudar fled?

There are an array of reasons why. The answer to that is unclear at this time though. We truly want the best for Xavier. I’ve gotten to know him and some of the things going on and I truly want to help him. When I helped him, I never would’ve guessed he was someone capable of robbing a bank. He possibly got pressured from somewhere. But that too is currently unknown. We don’t know why Xavier ran. But once that information comes to light, then I can actually help him. The attorney is still working on his case too, as there’s more to Xavier’s story than him just allegedly robbing a bank. So, there’s still a team of people trying to help Xavier. If Xavier turns himself into me and we can find out why he did this, then I can give him all of the help he needs.

It is a wild twist in what was already a crazy story, and it seems those who know Babudar just hopes he’ll turn himself back in soon so they can get his legal proceedings back on track.

Lloyd has asked anyone with information on Babudar’s whereabouts to contact him at 918-636-5946.