Sorry Justin! Selena’s Moved on to Zayn

With news of Selena Gomez reportedly dating Zayn Malik and Harry Styles smooching Emily Ratajkowski, we’ve got big news for One Direction stans: the boys are apparently thriving.

Wait, back up, Zayn and Selena?? Why, yes.

Rumors of the two possibly dating first surfaced late on March 24, when Zayn and Selena were reportedly seen dining and holding hands in New York.

Selena has been seen around NYC filming episodes of her show Only Murders in the Building and mostly ignoring her ongoing beef with Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner (drama that was apparently initiated by Hailey and Kylie, mind you).

On March 24, after fans had long come to Selena’s defense, Selena herself uploaded an Instagram Story asking for her supporters to take it easy on Hailey, after the former Baldwin heir reached out for support.

As part of her victory lap, Selena Gomez has apparently claimed a prize: Zayn Malik. And his ex, Gigi Hadid, is cool with it!

Zayn isn’t the only former One Direction member making waves with a famously beautiful woman: around the same time that Selena and Zayn sat down for dinner, Harry Styles was reportedly seen smooching Emily Ratajkowski.

No images of either couple have been captured but the reports are widespread enough to be fairly believable.

And, of course, news of Selena and Zayn’s rumored relationship has been received with open arms by stans, who’ve since crowned Selena the objective winner in the Hailey Bieber drama.

These Selena supporters assert that the controversy didn’t begin in late February when Hailey uploaded a controversial TikTok, mind you, but actually started back when Hailey dated and then married Justin Bieber, Selena’s former beau.

Selena defenders quickly picked up on Hailey’s shade and framed it in the context of greater beef, viewing Hailey as the villain and Selena as an unwilling participant.

They also picked on Justin for not taking Hailey’s side in the drama, side-eyeing his silence in light of how quick Selena was to defend Hailey from her own fans’ ire.

On March 27, Zayn reshared to his Instagram Stories a selfie that Selena posted on Instagram, certainly fueling rumors of the pair’s relationship.

And, as fate would have it, the news that Selena and Zayn have begun dating aligns almost to the day with the eighth anniversary of Zayn leaving One Direction.

How’s that for a happy coincidence?

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