Acne Studios’ Miami Store Is Unsurprisingly Beautiful

When it comes to Acne Studios, there’s a high expectation for the deliverance of fine-tuned style. While this applies first and foremost to its apparel and accessory outputs, it extends, naturally, across its storefronts. Staying true to form, its latest store in Miami’s Design District delivers

Acne’s upwards growth into becoming a globally recognized and celebrated brand has been a thing to behold.

Evolving at a consistent pace from a brand desired for its sensibilities in crafting looks tailored to everyday wear with meticulously refined pant styles, tees, denim, and outerwear to an experimental powerhouse adored by the likes of Rihanna, seemingly, Acne cannot be slowed.

The card that forever remains under Acne’s sleeve is its Scandinavian design expertise. Across the peninsula, there’s an innate understanding of what high-quality design and architecture looks like – the proof’s in the pudding; Acne Studios simply does not miss.

Throwing up the doors to its latest storefront, its first in Miami, Acne serves as a testament to these feelings with a retail location that puts its eye for detail to work, resulting in a space worthy of praise.

Comfortably nestled in Miami’s Design District, the store was imagined by Halleroed, a Swedish design studio and longtime collaborator of the brand. At a material level, this presents itself as a sleek modular system crafted in polished aluminum balanced with neutral tones, walls created in marmorino, a textured, high-gloss white plaster, while black granite builds the steps.

Making the whole thing a Swedish affair, custom rugs have been made by Katshall, complimented by lighting designed by Benoît Lalloz.

Seeing is believing, and you can experience the new Acne Studios Miami Design District store for yourself now.

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