Shaq Isn’t Here for Critics of Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance: ‘STFU’

As special as Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance was, some people weren’t feeling it. Criticisms poured online, but Shaq isn’t having it. During his The Big Podcast, Diesel called out critics while speaking with his co-hosts Nischelle Turner and Candace Parker. In short, people need to “shut the fuck up.”

“All you people disrespecting Rihanna, shut your face,” Shaq said. “She did a wonderful job. She’s pregnant. She blessed it. She didn’t fall. Just leave it there. All you superstars that’s disrespecting and causing beef … shut it up.”

In addition to kicking off a new era of halftime shows with an enormous, career-spanning performance, Rihanna had a historic night on Apple Music on Sunday night with her Apple Music Halftime Show. The number of streams for Rihanna on Apple Music peaked on Sunday. In Shazam’s history, it was also her biggest day.


Following her performance, Rihanna’s concurrent listeners on Apple Music increased by a startling 331% globally. Compared to the performances from the previous year, she had noticeably more listeners concurrently. Regarding concurrent listeners and streaming, Rihanna had her most successful hour on Apple Music following her halftime performance.

AMSBHTS Rihanna 025558

Furthermore, her discography quickly dominated international charts. “Umbrella” hit the top of the charts in 105 countries, which is a record for the song. It is also the song that her fans love to sing using Apple Music Sing the most. Additionally, “We Found Love” made it to the top of the songs list in a record-breaking 92 nations globally, and “Work” returned to the charts in more than 50 nations. On Sunday night, Rihanna’s singles topped the charts in 149 nations.

When asked about her favorite album of all time during the Apple Music Halftime Show press conference, Rihanna responded, “ANTI.” ANTI peaked at number 10 in over 20 nations, including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

AMSBHTS Rihanna 025565

The Halftime Show led to Rihanna’s largest day ever for Shazams, according to Shazam users. The song with the most Shazams from Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance was “We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris),” which received the most Shazams at 8:31 PM EST and the most Shazams in the US since last year’s Halftime Show.

You can watch the Apple Music Halftime show here.