Montblanc & Ferarri Reimagine the Daytona SP3 as a Luxury Pen

Montblanc and Ferrari are back at it again. And this time, the two turned the Daytona SP3 into a luxury pen.

Okay, it’s not exactly how it sounds. But Montblanc and Ferrari’s Stilema SP3 writing tool draws inspiration from the newest sports car in the Icona series (hence, the SP3 in its name).

Wrapped in sleek titanium (a rare moment for Montblanc utensils), the Stilema boasts a sleek look accompanied by clean, flexuous lines like the Daytona SP3.

It’s also hard to ignore the pen’s most eye-catching detail, the bladed tail, which echoes the sports vehicle’s distinctive bumper design.

Then, the tool’s cap is even slanted like the Daytona SP3’s nose, which is designed downward and results in that sharp whip through the air.

It’s unknown if Stilema SP3’s cap achieves this sound effect. You might want to take that up with Montblanc, which offers the collaborative writing instrument in 599 pieces via “special agreement” (inquiries can be made on its website).

Regarding the Stilema SP3’s “engine,” the limited edition pen gets its fuel (ink) from a bespoke filling system inside the tool right below the protruding, bright red slate.

Topping off the Stilema SP3 is a handcrafted solid white gold nib — the part that actually touches the paper and discharges the ink — inscribed with a unique Montblanc SP3 branding.

Elsewhere, you can find the Italian car manufacturer’s famed horse motif prancing about.

ICYMI: the luxury pen game is a big deal, especially for collectors. While Montblanc is considered an OG in the space, houses like Gucci also cashed in and issued its own high-class writing instrument . And who can blame them?

The luxury pen market is pacing to be a $3.80 billion industry by 2030, with Europe at the epicenter for promising growth, per research.

In other words, it’s time to step your pens up, boys.

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