Leonardo DiCaprio Is Reportedly Single & Ready to Mingle (With “Mature” Ladies)

Apparently, Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t too here for the internet’s memes about his dating life, which follows an unsettling pattern of dating women in the under-25 club. Now, the A-list actor is search for something “real” with someone “mature,” according to sources.

Yep. Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly single and ready to mingle with more seasoned women moving forward with his romantic relationships. Watch out, ladies over 25 — Leo’s on the prowl.

Following speculations that he was dating 19-year-old model Eden Polani (they weren’t a thing, thank God), DiCaprio became a little upset with people assuming he’s involved with every young girl he’s pictured with, per reports.

Also, he wasn’t too happy to heart about his know reputation for relationships with disturbingly-wide age gaps (no way he’s just now founding out about his pattern?). So now, DiCaprio hopes to wipe his hands clean with his ill-famed dating image — as hastily as possible, at that.

I get the irritation (eh, kinda), but can you blame the people, Leo? DiCaprio has a history of flings involving women that are almost always 1) models and 2) under 25 — only to say adios just before the ladies hit the halfway-to-thirty mark. Meanwhile, the actor himself is 48 years old. Cringe.

Gisele Bundchen? The flame burned out when she was 23. Bar Refaeli? It ended at 25 for her. Blake Lively? The two called it quits when she was 23.

Despite sources saying DiCaprio’s relationship with longtime girlfriend Camilla Morrone simply “ran its course” last year, it didn’t help that the flame coincidentally fizzled out when the model-slash-actress joined the 25 club.

It seemed Gigi Hadid broke the cycle when she allegedly started to date DiCaprio in 2022 (after Morrone, by the way). Ironically, the time with the model who passed the age cutoff didn’t last long.

How could Leo be bothered? The jokes write themselves.

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