A Walk Through Highsnobiety’s NYFW Gallery of Snob Shots

Another New York Fashion Week gone too soon. If you’re at your wits end trying to keep track of everything, from who designed those dolphin lips to the numerous presentations graced with Ice Spice’s front-row presence, we don’t blame you.

For as many shows as there were, there was double the number of parties, our fête with StockX included.

Between the viral shows and concrete runway spectacles, we did what any normal person would do: captured the moment. We sent our photographer Paige Powell into midst of NYFW to snap our friends and family as they danced, pranced, posed, and vogued the night away.

Join us as we relive the moment through a gallery of portraits below. Who knows? You might see your favorite celeb or designer in the mix — maybe, even yourself.

‘Till next fashion week.

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