NBA YoungBoy Associate Lil Pap Gets 5 Years In Prison For Gee Money Murder

Several reports have confirmed that NBA Young Boy associate NBA Lil Pap, aka OTS Lil Pap aka Deandre Fields has accepted a plea deal from prosecutors in the Gee Money murder and was handed down a five year prison sentence for an accessory after the fact to murder charge.

The light sentence is due to fact that that the charge accepted in the plea agreement is a non-violent offense. Fields is also serving a three-year sentence for a federal weapons charge he received while awaiting trial. 

According to The Advocate, Fields said at his sentencing, “I’m going to agree to the deal, but I want to say for the record that I’m 100% innocent.” Judge Michael McDonald replied, “Well, if you’re not guilty, you’re not guilty.” Fields replied, “It’s in my best interest to accept the plea.”


NBA Lil Pap, 26, is accused of shooting Gee Money aka Garrett Burton, outside of Burton’s music studio in Baton Rouge in September 2017. Fields was arrested in 2019 for the murder of Burton, and his arrest warrant detailed what led to the beef between Burton and NBA YoungBoy.